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Social commitment

As we are traditionally rooted to our headquarters in Bonndorf, we support many local clubs and charities since the foundation of Hectronic.

With the launch of Hectronic India in 2005 also came the idea that as a successful company, one should help where the need is the greatest immediately. GandhiCare was founded by Ernst Forster, the current Chairman of the Advisory Board of Hectronic GmbH, with much personal and voluntary commitment.

GandhiCare - a German-Swiss aid organisation, which now supports about 90 orphans in India with sponsorships. The construction and operation of its own school and training centres allows the organisation to ensure that needy children receive a proper education. In short: Hectronic supports GandhiCare, so that GandhiCare can provide people with active help to help themselves.

Please take the opportunity to inform yourself. GandhiCare also appreciates your support!




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